Let’s bake “cuddura”! A delicious Easter recipe of the Sicilian tradition


By Daniela

Easy to do with kids.

Ingredients for 6 cuddura:

500 g flour, 200 g sugar, 200 g butter, half a bag of baking powder, 1 bag of vanilla sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 4 eggs.

For the icing: 6 tablespoons powdered sugar, grated zest of 1 organic lemon, very little natural yellow dye (maybe a bit of turmeric), coloured sprinkles.

8 hard-boiled eggs.

  1. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Then add the butter cut into small pieces and mix until mixture is crumbly. Make a crater in the centre and add the eggs. First mix with a wooden spoon and then work with your hands until you have a firm dough that does not stick. Put it in the fridge.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the icing. Mix the icing sugar with a few drops of water until you obtain a cream. Add very little yellow dye and the grated lemon peel.
  3. Now divide the dough into two parts, one larger than the other.With the largest part form a ball and lightly press the centre to create a nest for the boiled egg.With the smaller part form two snakes.
  4. Now put the egg in the nest and form a cross with the two snakes.
  5. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Careful! Remember to put only 3 cuddura (maximum 4) in each baking tray, because otherwise they will stick together.
  6. Once baked spread with the lemon frosting and decorate with sprinkles immediately, before the icing dries.


Older children can make the dough themselves. Younger children, even those of 2-3 years, will be able to make frosting and cuddura by themselves.

You can make more complex forms if you wish, like hearts, doves, etc… Remember, however, that according to tradition, the eggs must always be an odd number in order to bring good luck!

You will find this and many other recipes in our cookbook ” Questo l’ha fatto il mio bimbo”.

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