Have you ever wondered where the name Europe came from?

By Daniela According to a myth, many years ago there was a beautiful princess called Europa who lived in Sidon and one day went to play on the beach with her sisters. She was so beautiful that Zeus, … [Read more...]

(Italiano) Crema di zucca

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How to get kids to eat fruit and vegetables: our top 10 tricks

By Daniela We all know the theory, our kids should follow a well balanced diet, meals should be planned following the nutritional pyramid and seasonal organic fruit and vegetables should always … [Read more...]


By Daniela Let’s go to Holland for pannekoeken! You might ask what on earth are pannekoekens? Pannekoeken, (literally “cakes in a pan”) belong to the very large family of crêpes which also … [Read more...]

Croque monsieur

By Daniela We are going travelling! This year The Little Kitchen felt like travelling around the world... And for us gourmets travelling always goes along with tasting, trying out and … [Read more...]