Let’s learn history in the kitchen! Medieval little spiced pears cakes

By Daniela Lately we are organising historical cooking workshops at some schools and therefore we are specialising in ancient medieval recipes revisited for modern children taste. The following … [Read more...]

Let’s learn history in the kitchen! The ricotta globuli of the ancient Romans

By Daniela There is no better way to learn history that to involve all senses, especially taste and smell. Sometimes thousands years old recipes can be pleasantly surprising as it is the case of … [Read more...]

(Italiano) Il pane di Cleopatra alla nigella

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(Italiano) Cake salato: formaggio e prezzemolo

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Rabbit cookie with Chinese red bean paste

By Carlotta Let’s go to China! On February 3rd 2011 began the year of the Rabbit according to Chinese Horoscope. The rabbit is the fourth of the twelve signs corresponding to twelve animals. In … [Read more...]